Free delivery on orders $49+ use code "snake". View our delivery zone.

Plant Delivery

Indoor plant and house plant delivery Toronto.

Lifetime support on all plants.

Currently we deliver to anywhere within City of Toronto with a Northern border of HWY7. View our delivery zone.

Most orders will be delivered within 2-3 days(exclude Monday).
You'll receive an email/text once we schedule your delivery.
You'll receive a live tracking link when we are on our way to deliver your plants.
You'll get a text when we have arrived at your home.

For all the plants bought from our store or through the workshop, they come with lifetime support. Which means at any point if you have questions about your plant or just not sure if your plant is doing something good or bad, we will be able to help you identify the problem, answer your question, and potentially save the plant. Please feel free to reach us at Instagram @jomostudio or email us at [email protected]. The life time support ends if the plant is not alive anymore, and the support does not include replacement of dead plants.