Cold Weather Protection Insurance

4 interest-free payments, available for orders over $35.
Carbon-neutral delivery ♻︎ Eco-friendly packaging

Worried about your plants arriving safely in chilly weather? Add this to your order! We highly recommend adding Cold Weather Protection Insurance for all non Local Delivery orders if your local LOW temperatures are below 7°C (45°F) in your location.

One (1) Cold Weather Protection Insurance covers up to 6 plants in your order. Add multiples to cover all plants in your order.

When you add this to your order, we’ll personally check the weather conditions along your plant’s journey from our store to your house, and take all the necessary precautions no matter the cost (such as using heat packs, special packing procedures, or shipping on certain days) to ensure that your plant arrives safely. If, in the rare event your plant doesn’t arrive safely, contact us within 24 hours of delivery, we’ll replace or refund it at no cost to you.
Most times we need to use additional packing materials to properly insulate and protect Cold Weather shipments. The additional cost simply covers our average costs to ensure your plants arrive happy and healthy in Cold Weather.
If you live within our Local Delivery Zone and use our Local Delivery service, they are delivered in a heated vehicle, you do NOT need to purchase Cold Weather Protection Insurance. You may want to get this insurance if you are planning to have the driver leave the plants outside, if that's the case, please let us know in the note. Otherwise, they will bring them back if there is no one to receive the delivery. If you are going to pick up your order, it will be your own responsibly to keep the plants warm once left the store, it's not recommended to walk with your plants outside for more than 5 minutes if the temperatures are below 0°C (32°F).
If Cold Weather Protection Insurance is NOT purchased, we are not able to cover any damages that our team determines are related to cold weather.
You can add Cold Weather Protection Insurance any time up until 24 hours before your order ships by placing a new order containing Cold Weather Protection Insurance and leave a note with your existing order number, or shooting us an email at to let us know.
Once purchased, Cold Weather Protection Insurance is non-refundable.
To file a claim, simply reach out to us by email at with some pictures within 24 hours of receiving your order. We will sort it out for you. Unfortunately, we are unable to honor claims filed more than 24 hours after receiving your order.

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