Extendable Moss Pole (Kickstarter Supporter Only)


Last day to order: Jan 20th, 2022.

Made from renewable and biodegradable material, this 3D printed moss pole features a modern design that compliments any home style and plant personality, a build-in thread system that each component can be connected easily, and great compatibility to extend the height as your plant grow and to customize with additional accessories. It is perfect for any climbing house plant.

Climbing plants like Monstera and Philodendron have a natural desire to climb high in the rainforest to get more sunlight. They are used to climbing on tree trunks in their natural habitat. With the help of a moss pole to create a similar environment to imitate this growth habit, they are able to produce bigger leaves, stronger fenestrations. And overall, they will be growing healthier with the support and additional moisture from the moss pole.
3D printed using Polylactic Acid, which is derived from renewable resources like corn starch or sugar cane, means it is biodegradable and completely eco-friendly.

With a built-in thread system, each component can be easily screwed together.

Great compatibility
They can be extended as your plant grow, and personalize it with add-ons.
Each Moss Pole Starter Kit includes: 1 × Soil Spike, 2 × Moss Pole Extension, 1 × Cap, and complimentary gardening pins.

The soil spike (5cm × 10cm) has a tapered four facet design, which makes it very easy to plug into the soil and supports the pole very well.

The moss pole extension (5cm × 12.7cm) itself has large openings around it, providing plenty of exposed moss for the aerial roots to grow into while also holding the moss perfectly in place. It's designed to add as many sections as needed as your plants grow without disrupting the growth as you would in a typical moss pole setup.

The cap (5cm × 1.2cm) finishes the look by capping the top thread and contains any loose moss from escaping. You can also easily water the moss through the opening on the top to keep the moss moist which encourages the air roots to grow inward.

The gardening pins (complimentary), are made from metal, best to use them at an angle to securely attach the vines to the moss pole. You can use strings or reshape paper clips for this purpose as well.
The self-watering cap (5cm × 9.5cm), David, has all the features from the original cap, and adds some style to it, elevating the plant vibe. With this self-watering cap, you can keep your pole moist by simply adding water to David's head. The well of water in the head will slowly drip into the moss to keep it moist.

More to come.
Due to the nature of 3D printing, each piece is printed individually, thus they'll have slightly different characteristics. Unlike other plastic products, they are not perfectly smooth and you may see some minor uneven finishes or strings. That's just the character of 3D printed objects.

Due to the nature of the material, keep them away from high heat as you would with any plastic products, and keep away from long-standing unfiltered direct sunlight to extend the life span. Like all plastics, harsh sun breaks down the material over time.

Sphagnum Moss is not included.

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