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Article: The Perfect Plant for the Capricorns in Your Life

The Perfect Plant for the Capricorns in Your Life | Plant Zodiac - JOMO Studio
Plant Zodiac

The Perfect Plant for the Capricorns in Your Life

Capricorn Season: December 22, 2021 - January 19, 2022

Jade plant

β–³ Jade Plant

Next up: Capricorn Season. Practical, self-reliant, stoic and ambitious, it's no wonder why this Earth sign is the type to make a list of New Years Resolutions and follow through with them. If you have any Capricorns in your life, they are most likely the responsible person in the friend group, always reliable, organized, and stable, only making solid and realistic plans. Although their ability to lead the way and manage those around them is key to their success, this determination does not stand in the way of loyalty. They are masters of self-control and have an unfailing drive and sensible outlook on life, so right now is the perfect time for them to form new goals in this upcoming new year, or keep the drive of their current passions and projects alive!

Jade plant

β–³ Jade plant in 4" pot

When it comes to the perfect plant pairing, Jade Plants, aka Crassula Ovata, Lucky Plants, Money Plants, or Friendship Trees, suit the tradition-loving, family-oriented Capricorns in our lives with their understated status in the houseplant world. They don't require a lot of additional effort, simply needing lots of bright light (even some direct sun) and water when their soil is almost dry, so the care schedule will be complementary to the practical, organized Capricorn. The growth of a Jade Plant may be rather slow but this plant has a long history rooted in symbolism and the presence of one or more of these plants in a home is considered auspicious. Capricorns excel in the virtues of patience so, although it may take years (or decades) for the little Jade to grow into a glorious, little tree, it will get there with love and care.

Variegated Jade Plant

β–³ Variegated Jade Plant

Known as a popular good luck charm in Asian culture, the Jade Plant is often associated with Feng Shui, which is the traditional practice that claims to use energy forces to harmonize individuals with their surrounding environment. Houseplants specifically are said to be nourishing for personal energy. Despite preferring to be in control, the round, succulent leaves of Jade's are thought to bring good luck to their owners, while also promoting a gentle, calming energy that Capricorns need. A Jade Plant will attract positivity, harmony between family, and wealth in the workplace - the vibrant green leaves are symbolic of growth and renewal, which are two mindsets we want to bring into the upcoming new year.

Jade Coral

β–³ Jade Coral

If you have any housewarming parties or Capricorn birthdays in the following weeks, a Jade Plant may be just the right gift to bring along. In addition to being a calming presence, these plants will perfectly suit any home decor, not calling too much attention to themselves but instead being something that can be appreciated in the calm and quiet moments of awareness. As a bonus, the Jade Plant shares a name with one of the most gorgeous jewels, the jade stone, and the fact that they are associated with wealth is something that might appeal to the Capricorns in your life that have a preference for the finer things in life. Check out our selection ofΒ Jade Plants available today!

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