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Article: The Perfect Plant for the Sagittarius in Your Life

The Perfect Plant for the Sagittarius' in Your Life | Plant Zodiac - JOMO Studio
Plant Zodiac

The Perfect Plant for the Sagittarius in Your Life

Sagittarius Season: November 22 - December 21

Pothos Manjula

△ Pothos Manjula

Well, Sagittarius season is upon us, marking the start of the holiday season! If you have always been the friendliest person at the party, then this time of year is for you - it brings plenty of festivities and celebrations, dinner parties with family and friends, and it is the greatest time to bring out your bravest, most authentic self. Sagittarius' are obsessed with self-improvement, they are explorers of the human condition and are unafraid of change. This makes them perpetually restless, always looking for the next great breakthrough, but they almost never look back once they commit because they remain adventurous and steadfast. Always willing to both try and learn new things, gaining knowledge is a key component of this season, so get out there and do something you've never done before.

If you're into astrology, you know that everybody, or every star sign, has a specific personality and set of needs or desires. Since we already know that plants also have distinct needs, wouldn't it make sense if each zodiac sign had a complementary houseplant that they vibed with as well? We think so, which is why we have come up with the perfect plant match for you, no matter what your sign is!

Pothos Marble Queen

△ Pothos Marble Queen

The Pothos is perfectly suited to the adaptable, low-maintenance Sagittarius' in our lives. They represent perseverance, perfect for those who are relentless in following their dreams, their vines growing long and fast with determination. Accentuating any space well, regardless of where you might place them, Pothos plants adjust to the conditions they are given and strive to be their best selves. For people who are always on the go, living life and learning lessons, a plant that requires minimal supervision is key, allowing the idealistic, adventurous spirit of the Archer to flourish.

As a bonus, the Pothos houseplant is also known to promote wealth and good fortune, which jives well with the Sagittarius' sense of optimism and seeing the good in most things. Try arranging your plant in a hanging planter near a window, this symbolizes reaching new heights and chasing dreams while also allowing your plant to receive the bright light that it loves and needs to put forth plenty of healthy, lush growth. They make the perfect gift for those that are able to handle many conditions, taking whatever life throws their way. Check out our selection of Pothos available for the Sagittarius' in your life!

Pothos Neon

△ Pothos Neon

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