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Article: The Perfect Plant for the Taurus in Your Life

The Perfect Plant for the Taurus in Your Life | Plant Zodiac - JOMO Studio
Plant Zodiac

The Perfect Plant for the Taurus in Your Life

Taurus Season: April 20 - May 20

Fiddle Leaf Fig

△ Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree in 10" Pot

Along with the spring days that are finally thawing out the frozen earth and warming up day-by-day, comes Taurus season! If you have someone in your life who is incredibly hard-working and always has their eye on the prize, putting in any extra effort necessary, chances are they are a Taurus. This earth sign is dependable, stable, and tends to stick things out when the going gets tough, remaining calm and collected, but those belonging to it also have a penchant for the finer things in life and appreciate the beauty surrounding them. Once the job or task is done, they are known to indulge in any rewards that follow, primarily due to their work-hard-play-hard mentality. No matter what is thrown at them, the Taurus will inevitably overcome these obstacles because they are always prepared.

Fiddle Leaf Fig Column

△Fiddle Leaf Fig Column in 10" Pot

With this in mind, it is no question at all that the Ficus Lyrata, also known as the Fiddle Leaf Fig, is a Taurus’ perfect match. Although they have a finicky and temperamental reputation, the Fiddle Leaf is a coveted plant among interior designers and apartment dwellers due to their statement foliage that grows in a shape reminiscent to a fiddle. Their demanding nature makes them an ideal fit for the Taurus, whose stubbornness means they are always down for a challenge. Those who are born within this season are tenacious and patient, always seeing things through to the end. These traits, coupled with the Taurus fascination with luxury items, would make them the ideal Fiddle Leaf Fig parent!

Fiddle Leaf Fig Bonsai

△ Fiddle Leaf Fig Bonsai

The Ficus Lyrata is native to western Africa and has been popular as a houseplant for some time now as they often make an architectural statement and many designer magazines feature them. You can generally purchase them in bush form or in tree form, the latter of which are more common and what you’ll see in almost any home decor magazine. The large, heavily veined, majestic leaves, resembling fiddles in their shape, are what give these plants their common name. The most important thing to do is to make sure your plant is kept in a very bright window and then water it fully when the soil is almost dry.

Fiddle Leaf Fig Bambino

△ Fiddle Leaf Fig in 4" Pot

Feel free to look through the different varieties we have available, such as the Fiddle Leaf Fig Bush, a bushy variety with multiple stems covered in the beautiful foliage from top to bottom, the Fiddle Leaf Fig Column, a variety with a single stalk covered in leaves that is suitable for a bright corner, or the classic Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree, which is the most common of the three and features a slender, bare trunk with a tuft of leaves and branches at the top! Check out our complete Fiddle Leaf Fig Care Guide and pick up a plant for your Taurus loved ones today - we know they won’t be disappointed.

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