Marsh Pennywort


Hydrocotyle umbellata vulgaris, aka Marsh Pennywort, is a small creeping perennial aquatic herb native to North Africa, Europe, the Caucasus and parts of the Levant. It is the plant you don't need to worry about overwatering or getting root rot, as it loves water, and the plant you almost can't kill, other than by letting it dry out of course.

They enjoy some direct sun, but they'll also do well in bright, indirect light. It is best to place this plant somewhere where it will receive some nice morning sun, or a couple hours of afternoon sun, and then indirect light the rest of the day.
They will do well in medium light but will grow faster with brighter light. A good medium-light place in your home would be in the middle of a room that has a regular size window. Remember that plants will grow based on how much light they receive.
They like the soil to stay consistently moist, but not soaking wet. Give them water whenever just the surface of the soil is starting to get dry.
They will do well in average humidity environments but will appreciate a little bit of humidity if provided, give them a mist daily or get a humidifier.
Marsh Pennywort is the plant you don't need to worry about overwatering, as they can literally grow in water. It is also the plant you can't kill, because even if the whole plant dried out, you can cut the dry leaves off, add water to the pot, and they'll grow back.
The plant comes with a default nursery pot. The nursery pot is usually 0.5" - 1" smaller than stated to fit into the same size decorative pot. Washable Paper Planter Bags are sold separately.
As with all living things, no two plants are alike. There is some natural variation in size, shape, and characteristics. We make every effort to bring you a plant that as closely as possible matches the plant as it appears on our website, in the size you have chosen, and have a good potential to happily grow in your home.
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