Fishbone Cactus


The Fishbone cactus is one of the most exotic and easy cactus houseplants to grow! Commonly known as zigzag, Ric Rac, and fishbone orchid, it shows off its distinctive foliage - the stems are serrated and lobed, like a backbone and have a thick, leathery texture that perfectly suits their dark green colour. When the plant matures it will trail. If it gets enough light, it will reward you with stunning pink and white orchid-like flowers, too!

They do not need to see the sun directly. But filtered sunlight through glass is fine. The best spot for them is where they do not see the sun during the majority of the day, like somewhere shady outside or inside behind a window.
The minimum light requirement for them is 0 - 3 feet away from the nearest light source. A good bright place inside your home would be on the window sill or a stool right next to a window. Like all succulents, they wouldn't die if they don't have enough light but would grow towards the light.
Like many cacti, fishbone cactus can go long periods without water, but grows best if you water when the top inch or so of the soil dries out. They don't tolerate drought the same way their desert-dwelling cousins do. That said, take care not to overwater fishbone cactus; it will rot if the soil stays moist or wet for extended periods of time.
Their humidity requirement is low. So do not mist them or put them in an aquarium.
You don't need to worry about repotting fishbone cactus; it grows and blooms best when somewhat root bound. Only repot every four or five years.
The plant comes with a default nursery pot. The nursery pot is usually 0.5" - 1" smaller than stated to fit into the same size decorative pot. Washable Paper Planter Bags are sold separately.
As with all living things, no two plants are alike. There is some natural variation in size, shape, and characteristics. We make every effort to bring you a plant that as closely as possible matches the plant as it appears on our website, in the size you have chosen, and have a good potential to happily grow in your home.
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