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The ultimate lighting solution for your indoor tropical plants. This powerful 32W Industrial Grow Light, equivalent to 150W, delivers a full spectrum of daylight to effectively nurture your orchids, houseplants, herbs, and terrariums. The kit includes a stylish 8" black fixture with an on/off switch, an easy clamp arm for quick setup, and a 6-foot power cord for your convenience.

  • High-Intensity Illumination: The 8" Grow Light Kit comes with a 32W Fluorescent Bulb that provides the same level of light as a conventional 150W lamp. This high-intensity light ensures your plants get the ideal amount of exposure to encourage healthy growth and flowering.

  • Full Daylight Spectrum: The 32W Fluorescent Bulb offers a full daylight spectrum, simulating natural sunlight conditions. This spectrum is perfect for your tropical plants, enabling them to photosynthesize efficiently and grow vibrantly.

  • Versatile Use: This grow light is the top choice for various types of plants. From orchids and houseplants to herbs and terrariums, it caters to your diverse indoor gardening needs.

  • 32W Fluorescent Bulb: The heart of the grow light kit, this energy-efficient bulb provides high-intensity, full-spectrum light equivalent to a conventional 150W bulb. It's specifically designed to support plant growth by simulating natural sunlight, making it ideal for your indoor gardening needs.

  • Decorative 8" Black Fixture: The grow light comes with a stylish black fixture, adding a sleek touch to your indoor garden setting. The fixture features an easy-to-use on/off switch for quick operation.

  • Easy Clamp Arm: The kit includes an easy clamp arm, making the setup process a breeze. You can conveniently adjust the lamp's position to direct light where your plants need it most.

  • 6-Foot Power Cord: The grow light is equipped with a long 6-foot power cord, providing you the flexibility to place the light in the optimal location for your plants.

Bright Light Plants:

Bright light plants, such as most herbs, some succulents, and many flowering plants, need plenty of light to thrive.

  • Distance: Place the light source about 6-12 inches away from these plants. Because they thrive on a lot of light, they can handle the intensity from being closer to the light source.
  • Time: Bright light plants typically require 14-16 hours of light per day. Remember to give them a period of darkness for rest and metabolic processes.

Medium Light Plants:

Medium light plants, like spider plants, Boston ferns, and Peace lilies, require a moderate amount of light. They do well in bright, indirect light but can also tolerate some shade.

  • Distance: Set the light source approximately 12-18 inches away from the plant. This distance provides a balanced light intensity that isn't too harsh or too weak.
  • Time: These plants usually need around 8-12 hours of light per day. A timer can help ensure they get a consistent amount of light each day.

Low Light Plants:

Low light plants, such as pothos, snake plants, and ZZ plants, can tolerate less intense light and even thrive in shady areas. For these plants:

  • Distance: Position the light source about 18-36 inches away from the plant. Low light plants can get burned if the light is too intense, so keeping a greater distance helps prevent this.
  • Time: Aim for about 6-8 hours of light per day. Despite their tolerance for lower light levels, these plants still need some light to photosynthesize.

Remember, these are just starting points. You should always observe your plants and adjust accordingly. If you notice signs of distress, such as yellowing or wilting leaves, consider adjusting the light's distance or duration.

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