Lemon Tree


Lemon Tree, Citrus limon, is a species of a small evergreen tree in the flowering plant Rutaceae family, originally native to southeast Asia but introduced to Europe and the Mediterranean during Roman times. They have glossy green leaves, white and sometimes pink-tinged flowers, and produce (mostly) yellow-coloured fruits.

They love as much sun as possible. The best spot for them is where they can see the sun for the majority of the day.
When outdoor, keep them somewhere get the most amount of sun. When indoor, the minimum light requirement for them is 0 - 3 feet away from the nearest light source. A good bright place inside your home would be on the window sill or a stool that is right next to a window. During the warm months, they should be placed outdoors.
They like the soil to be completely dry before the next watering. That usually takes about two weeks in an average home environment. It may vary depends on your environment and light condition, but for them, it's always safer to underwater or water when you see signs of lack of water like floppy, droop, or soft leaves.
They can live in any average home humidity condition.
Lemon Tree prefers bright light for best growth and fruiting. You may keep them at medium light intensities during midwinter. Add a slow-release fertilizer such as Osmocote to the container in early spring and continue fertilizing with full strength water-soluble fertilizer monthly during the summer growing season.
The plant comes with a default nursery pot. The nursery pot is usually 0.5" - 1" smaller than stated to fit into the same size decorative pot. Washable Paper Planter Bags are sold separately.
As with all living things, no two plants are alike. There is some natural variation in size, shape, and characteristics. We make every effort to bring you a plant that as closely as possible matches the plant as it appears on our website, in the size you have chosen, and have a good potential to happily grow in your home.
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