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Made from ethically grown and harvested Canadian Kelp, this organic liquid plant food contains 2 natural growth hormones and 70 trace minerals. It is a complete feed that contains both Macro and Microbe nutrients. With gentle nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium (N.P.K) percentages, you can use it all year round for all your fertilizing needs, from indoor to outdoor, houseplants to vegetables, irrigation to hydroponic. To relieve stress, improve health, and boost growth. Get the full size bottle.

Typical Analysis
(N) Nitrogen: 0.1%
(P) Phosphorus: 0.5%
(K) Potassium: 1%

Natural Growth Hormones
Cytokinins: promote cell division, or cytokinesis, in plant roots and shoots.
Auxins: regulate cell elongation and mainly stimulate adventitious rooting, and promote fruit development.

Trace Elements
(B) Boron
(Fe) Iron
(Mn) Manganese
(Zn) Zinc
(Cu) Copper
(Mo) Molybdenum
(Mg) Magnesium
(Ca) Calcium
Plus other trace minerals, vitamins, natural chelating agents, and amino acids.

Shake well before use. Dilute at a rate of 1:250 with water. Mix and use on the same day for best results. (1 pump is about 2mL, 2 pumps are 4 mL which can mix with 1 litre water.)

For watering
Add 2 pumps per litre of water. Water directly into soil or any growth medium you use, can be used year round.

For spraying on leaves
Add 1 pump per litre of water. Try to reach the underside of leaves for extra benefit. Avoid direct sun after spraying, best to use at night, can be used year round.

For propagation
Add 1 pump per litre of water, can be used year round.

For sensitive plants
Add 1 pump per litre of water, can be used year round.

For repotting
Add 1 pump per litre of water for the first month to relieve stress. Resume to regular dose after the first month.

Use in winter
For plants that are actively growing, use full dose (2 pumps per litre for watering, 1 pump per litre for spraying). For plants that are not actively growing or sensitive, use half dose.

Can be used on indoor/outdoor house plants, hydroponics, sprouting, microgreens, lawns/grass. Only use as directed, not for human consumption. Avoid eye contact and wash hands after use.

Please keep the bottle out of direct sunlight, with the cap on tight, and stored at room temperature.

Please recycle where possible.

Learn more about Fuliage.

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