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Peace Lily, aka Spathiphyllum, is an extremely adaptable and low-maintenance houseplant. The name “peace lily” came about because the white flowers look like white flags of peace! When you practice good Peace Lily care, these plants can live for years and years, flowering over and over again. They brighten up any living space and are also excellent at cleaning the air of a room.

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As with all living things, no two plants are alike. There is some natural variation in size, shape, and characteristics. We make every effort to bring you a plant that as closely as possible matches the plant as it appears on our website, in the size you have chosen, and have a good potential to happily grow in your home.

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Pro tips

If you forgot when the last time you watered them was, one tip is to wait for the plant to droop slightly before watering. They are known for being a little dramatic when they want water!

Peace Lily - Spathiphyllum  - House Plants Delivery Toronto - JOMO Studio

Care Guide

How to take care of Peace Lily

They should not be in a position to see the sun directly, although early morning or late evening sun is fine. Filtered sunlight through a sheer curtain is best and most homes are comprised primarily of indirect sunlight. The best spot for them is where they do not see the sun during the majority of the day but still get bright, indirect light.

They will do well in low light, but will grow faster with brighter light. A low light plant can pretty much survive anyplace inside your home as long as you have a window in the room. Remember, low light does not mean no light and plants will grow based on how much light they receive.

They need to be watered when the top half of the soil is dry to the touch. That usually takes about 1 week in an average home environment. It will vary depending on the time of year, your environment and lighting conditions, but it's always safer to underwater or give the soil a check before you water again. Expect to water more often in brighter light and less often in lower light.

They can live in any average home humidity condition and are fairly hardy.

This plant is moderately toxic and can cause some adverse reactions when ingested so it is best to not let your pets eat it, which we advise for all plants in general. The severity of the reaction will depend on how much of the plant is ingested but, if you know your pet typically does not eat your plants, this plant will be suitable for your home.

Plant Bio

About Peace Lily

Botanical Name: Spathiphyllum spp.

Spathiphyllum spp.

Common Name: Spath, Peace lily

Spath, Peace lily

Origin: Central America and southeastern Asia

Central America and southeastern Asia

This is a Peace Lily, also known as a Spathiphyllum. They are one of the best houseplants for beginners or for lower light spaces as they are very tolerable of deep shade, primarily due to the dark green of their leaves, and they will even let you know when they are getting thirsty - just keep an eye out for drooping leaves as they can be quite dramatic! When they are placed in medium to bright, indirect light, you can expect plenty of beautiful, white blooms throughout the year to enjoy as well. Placing your plant in a brightly lit kitchen or bathroom would be ideal as they thrive in humid spaces. If the air is too dry, you might start to notice browning at the tips, so bump it up by misting your plant, using a pebble tray, or keeping a humidifier in the same room. If you wish to spoil your plant even further, use distilled or rainwater to avoid any chemical buildup in the soil caused by the chemicals in our tap water. Finally, since they have such large, green leaves, it would be best to dust them or shower them off every couple of weeks to allow them to perform their photosynthesis effectively.

Peace Lily - Spathiphyllum  - House Plants Delivery Toronto - JOMO Studio

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