Reusable Plant Tape

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This Reusable Plant Tape is your ultimate, eco-friendly solution to attach your plants to the wall or a moss pole. Secure and durable, this tape keeps your plants staked and supported, while being gentle on them. Cut to your desired length and reuse it to reduce waste.

Crafted from 65% recycled plastic, this reusable plant tape supports a greener lifestyle. It's a step towards reducing waste and promoting sustainable practices in your indoor garden.

The plant tape features VELCRO Brand's one-wrap garden ties with non-slip grip, keeping your plants staked, supported, and bundled together securely.

The soft side of the plant tape ensures no damage while providing a secure hold. These easy-to-use plant supports can be repositioned as your plants grow.

The plant tape is designed to be cut to your desired length, ensuring low waste. It's adjustable and reusable, making it perfect for year after year use.

Ideal for house plant support, this plant tape stakes top-heavy plants and fast-growing climbers. The green hue, derived from recycled plastic, blends in with your plants, maintaining a natural aesthetic.

The Reusable Plant Tape measures 50ft x 1/2in, offering plenty of length for all your indoor plant needs.

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