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Sansevieria Zeylanica

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Native to arid regions of India, Sansevieria zeylanica is a species of snake plant characterized by its dark green variegation. They are also known as snake plants or mother-in-law's tongue or bedroom plant, which are some of the toughest plants you can find. They stores carbon dioxide acquired at night for use during the day and releases oxygen (one of the end products of photosynthesis) at night when the pores open. This helps it to maximize efficiency in cleaning the air, as found in a study conducted by NASA.

They do not need to see the sun directly. But filtered sunlight through glass is fine.

The minimum light requirement for them is 3 - 6 feet away from the nearest light source. A good medium-light place in your home would be in the middle of a room that has a regular size window. They can be placed anywhere between the middle of the room and the window. Even though they prefer medium light, they’ll also tolerate low light and high light.

They like the soil to be completely dry before the next watering. It may vary depends on your environment and light condition, but for them, it's always safer to underwater or water when you see signs of lack of water like floppy, droop, or soft leaves.

Do not mist them, as water drops on the leaf will cause rotten.

They are super easy to take care of and known for air purifying capabilities. Just make sure you do not overwater them and try not to get water on their leaves.

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