Toronto Plant Swap


Come out to our plant lover’s community event #PlantSwapTO! All you need in order to participate is to bring at least one plant that you’re ready to part with! You’ll be able to take home as many as you bring in.

There will also be light snacks and drinks on-site! Gift bags and special prizes will be drawn after the plant swap. Be sure to stick around.

The plant swap will be hosted outdoors, thus we have a backup date if it rains. We will keep you posted via our Instagram and emails if there is any changes.

By purchasing the ticket, you agree to the Guest Release and Waiver and Terms of Service . Photo and video may be recorded by JOMO Studio and event sponsors for promotional usage. This ticket is non-refundable.

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August 19, 2023
(Rain Day August 20)


11 AM - 1 PM


JOMO Studio Courtyard
21A Bathurst St
Toronto, ON

Group size

Up to 50 people

What is plant swap

A Plant Swap is simply an event where fellow plant owners can come together to swap their plants. This could be done anywhere—like someone's home, a public park or community garden, a church or community center, or even a local business, which is where we will have ours.

What to bring

● House plants, succulents / cacti, veggie starters / mature plants, perennials / annuals, ROOTED cuttings (even a tiny little root is good, shows that the cutting is indeed growing!), aquatic plants, and bulbs

● Clearly label your plants

● Put your plant in a container with soil or water; wrap bare roots carefully

● The more you bring, the more you’ll take home with you

● Avoid bringing invasive plants, plants with pests infestation, unhealthy plants or unrooted cuttings

● No cannabis

Provide care instructions

Please make sure you fill this care card for each of the plants you bring.

Plant Care Card Template

How does the swap work

We’ll be swapping in rounds. Here’s how it works:

Round 1: Use only 1 stick, place it in a plant you want most.

When everyone has used their first stick, we sort out who gets what plant. If the plant only has one stick, it’s yours! If the plant has multiple sticks, we’ll do a random draw, one lucky winner will get the plant, and the other sticks will be returned to whoever placed them, and they then get to choose another plant. The round ends when all have used one stick, and there are no more plant with multiple sticks.

Round 2: Use 2 sticks.

Round 3: Use 3 sticks.

It goes on until all sticks/plants are gone.


11:00 am - Sign in, drop off your plants, make some new friends

11:45 am - Sign in closes

12:00 pm - Let the swap begin!

Special thanks

A huge thanks to Jackie (Instagram | Blog | Merch) for helping us with the plant swap.

Toronto Plant Swap - JOMO Studio

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