Aroid Mix


Aroid potting mix is specially mixed for Aroid plants like Pothos, Philodendrons, Alocasias, Monsteras, ZZ plants, Aglaonemas, Arrowhead vines, Colocasias, and others. Contains about 50% Sphagnum Peat Moss from responsibly managed peatlands, and 50% horticulture grade Moss Chunks, Charcoal, Red Pine Bake, and Lave Rock. They are best for any Aroid plants, but can be used for most other house plants that don't need to keep the soil moist at all times as well.

The bag is about 16 1/2" × 4" × 18" in dimension, contains around 5.5 litres(186 oz) of soil. Each bag is enough to fill 15 nursery planters in 3.5" - 4" diameter, or 5 nursery planters in 5.5" - 6" diameter. The bag has metal tabs that allow easy opening and secure closure.


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