Clay Pebbles

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Clay Pebbles, also known as LECA, are ecologically sustainable growing mediums derived from a renewable and plentiful source. Made from 100% natural clay, they are lightweight, do not compact, and are completely reusable – they can be cleaned and sterilized after use. They are also inert, pH neutral and do not contain any nutrients. The pellets drain freely and do not hold any excess water, which is why they provide good oxygen levels around the root. They can be used in soil mixture for additional drainage or for hydroponics.

The bag is about 6 1/2" Γ— 4" Γ— 18" in dimension, contains around 5.5 litres(186 oz) of Clay Pebbles. Each bag is enough to fill 15 nursery planters in 3.5" - 4" diameter, or 5 nursery planters in 5.5" - 6" diameter. The bag has metal tabs that allow easy opening and secure closure.

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