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Pilea Plants

Step into the world of Pilea at JOMO Studio, where we celebrate the unique charm and easy-going nature of these delightful houseplants. Our collection features the iconic Pilea Peperomioides, often known as the "Chinese Money Plant," with its distinctive round leaves and the Pilea Depressa 'Baby Tears' for those who love delicate, cascading greenery. Each variety, from the silvery hues of Pilea Glauca 'Aquamarine' to the robust form of the Pilea Cadierei, is chosen for its ability to add a fresh, lively touch to your indoor space. Pilea plants are renowned for their low maintenance and air-purifying qualities, making them perfect for plant enthusiasts of all levels. Explore our assortment at JOMO Studio and find the ideal Pilea to brighten your home or office with a touch of green elegance.


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