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Give the green gift that keeps on giving

JOMO Studio: Toronto's Online Plant Store - Delivering Across Canada

Plant Positivity

People are happier with plants,

they add a touch of nature, indoors.

they boost mood and reduce stress.

they are perfect for sprucing up any space.

they can increase productivity and focus.

they are a daily dose of green therapy.

they make caring for something feel wonderful.

they are nature's way of teaching patience.

they are a green gift that keeps on giving.

they are a chance to nurture and watch growth.

they are the ultimate sustainable décor.

they are a silent cheerleader, always rooting for you.

they are an excuse to get your hands a little dirty.

they are the best subjects for your next Instagram shot.

they are milestones, marking special moments.

they brighten up any space instantly.

they are conversation starters at any gathering.

they provide a daily dose of nature, right in your room.

they are daily reminders to take things slow.

they are living, breathing artworks.

they are symbols of resilience and growth.

they never go out of style, no matter the season.

they are low-maintenance therapists.

they are a breath of fresh air, literally.

they transform spaces into homes.

they are your slice of the tropics, minus the travel.

they are stories waiting to unfold.

they are companions that ask for little and give a lot.

they are a reason to wake up with a smile.

they inspire a touch of nature in every space.

they are a reason to pause, reflect, and nurture.

they are the perfect backdrop for your Zoom calls.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Our customers rate us 4.99 out of 5

based on 200+ reviews on Airbnb and Google

Hands down best plant shop. Amazing customer service, great purchase and delivery experience, they really take themselves seriously. Their plant selection is great and plants always arrived healthy. I've bought 8 plants there now.

Love that you can select size of plant and images are not stock internet images but rather images taken of plants in the shop. Plants were expected size and healthy. Delivery was easy and hassle-free! Would definitely order from JOMO Studio again.

By far the best place in the city for plants & I highly recommend them to everyone & anyone who listen to me talk about plants. Super helpful customer service & perfect contactless delivery in Toronto.

I ordered my first plants a month ago and haven't quite been able to stop! The plants are beautiful, always arrive in great condition, and usually within 2 days of ordering. I love that JOMO has lifetime support for their plants that you can contact them with questions.

The site tells you which plant is animal friendly, for those with animal family members. Plants were very well packaged and delivered within a few days. If you love houseplants and want to learn how to care for them, this is the place to go, highly recommend.


Lifetime support on all plants


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